Meet the Rescues


Peanut is a mutt that we adopted from a shelter at an eventing horse show in Missouri.  We think that he may have been abused in his past as he is very afraid of new people, but he loves attention from people once he gets to know them!


Bailey is a black lab that we adopted from the humane society.  Bailey is extremely scared of fireworks and thunderstorms especially.  Any time it storms we give Bailey calming medication, put her in a kennel, and play spa music for her.  These things all help to distract Bailey from the storm and calm her down!


Delilah is a border collie Australian shepherd mix.  She loves playing fetch or running around the yard.  She is always looking for something to do!  She can be very timid around new people, and we think she had a history of abuse before we took her in.  Despite this, she manages to now live a very happy life!


Doby is a mutt that we adopted in Missouri from the same place as Peanut.  She is a very sweet, calm dog and enjoys being around people she knows as well as new people.

Nina & Rex

Nina and Rex are two miniature donkeys that we rescued from an elderly couple in Wisconsin.  They needed to get rid of them as they no longer had the time to take care of them.  Nina and Rex are both very friendly and love spending time around people as well as their horse friends!


Finnegan is a buckskin, Connemara pony who we saved from a farm in Illinois.  Before we owned him he was untrained and very unfit.  Since rescuing him, he has become trained in a variety of different activities including: fox hunting, stadium jumping, cross country, and trail riding.


Ebony is a twenty six year old thoroughbred gelding that we rescued from being put down because of his old age.  Despite his age, he still is very active and enjoys being a companion to our other horses in the pasture.


Moncho is a thoroughbred gelding that raced at Canterbury Park in Minnesota.  Moncho was done with his racing career and had nowhere to go so we stepped in and took him in.  He now has a life here at our farm as a pleasure-riding horse and he’s even learning some polo.

Dominican kittens

We have taken in a litter of kittens from the Dominican Republic as we travel there frequently.  We found the kittens at a barn there and realized that they wouldn’t be able to survive on their own.  We decided to fly them back home with us to give them a better chance at life.  They now all live happily as barn cats among our other animals!


Ivanka was rescued from a shelter in Minnesota when she was about a month older than a kitten.  She is a very elegant cat and enjoys spending time with us sitting on the couch!

More rescues to come!

Take a look at the photo gallery below to see some of the animals we have on our farm.